Letter to Our Customers


To our Customers

It has been a wonderful few months since our re-opening seeing old friends, making new ones and listening to your feedback as we’ve tried many new things. Before we opened we spent a lot of time thinking about changes we wanted to try and much of it was well received. We have realized though that some things weren’t and as we celebrate our grand opening we are changing a few of them.

First and foremost while we opened as a non tipping necessary establishment we have abandoned that model and will now operate as a traditional restaurant. We have heard from many of the discomfort with the policy and  never intended it to be such an issue. We only wanted to provide a more stable and steady income for our staff and felt it was something that would be well received by all. Unfortunately that was not the case so we have reevaluated the policy and have reversed course.

As we make this change we have reduced prices throughout our menu and are offering more value in many other ways. We will be continuing to tweak and try new things in the coming months and are excited for the times ahead. We thank everyone for their support and feedback and look forward to serving the local community for years to come.


The Pantry

Tommy Mavroudis